I am so delighted to say that from January 2018 all my new work will be made in 100% fairmined or fairtrade gold and silver and ethically sourced gemstones. This will currently limit the type of jewellery I can offer (sadly a reduced selection of gemstones and no fine chain or traditional stud earrings), but I hope this will resolve as the different types of gemstones and manufactured fine chains etc become possible to buy from ethical fairmined or fairtrade sources. This is a huge decision for my business but one I have been working towards for a long time and embrace with a very happy heart. 

I am proud to be able to offer you jewellery which is as truly and transparently ethical as I can possibly make it, and genuinely bringing positive change and socio-economic justice to communities that mine the beautiful components of my jewellery.  

My work is from here on is made in 100% fair mined gold and silver, and this type of precious metal ensures that the miners are paid a fair wage and a premium per weight of bullion is paid which provides extra funds to reinvest in their business or improve education and health provisions, as required by the communities. It also ensures that health and safety is mandatory and all these aspects of better and fairer practice are regularly audited and certified, so the system is secure and reliable from mine to point of sale. For those who would like fairtrade gold and silver, I am also part of the Goldsmiths' small jewellers' scheme which can provide this widely understood framework for ethical sourcing. 

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